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Medical aid given to over 1.5K devotees during ‘Traslacion’

As the annual Traslacion continued to draw millions of devotees of the Black Nazarene, the Philippine Red Cross reported that 1,613 participants have sought various medical treatment and services from early Wednesday until Thursday dawn.

There were 62 devotees who suffered major cases of lacerations as well as experienced difficulty in breathing, dizziness and body weakness, the Philippine Red Cross said on Thursday.

It also said four individuals were transported to the nearest hospital due to hypertension, fracture and chest pain.

The Philippine Red Cross tallied a total of 603 cases that mostly involved difficulty in breathing, fainting, abrasion, bruises, lacerations, toothache, nose bleeding, sprain, hypoglycemia and foot swelling.

Likewise, Red Cross personnel assisted a total of 197 individuals who sought psychosocial support, while 747 people had their blood pressure monitored.

The religious event attracts millions of devotees every year. They brave the heat and huge crowd just to be in the presence of the icon believed to be miraculous.

The police estimated that 1.4 million devotees attended this year’s Traslacion.#