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Poland poised to hire more Filipino workers

Poland is looking at hiring more workers from the Philippines, according to Polish Deputy of Mission Joanna Wasiewska.

“Poland is one of the most progressive economies in Europe but the decrease in our workforce cannot meet the needs of continuous progress in our country. We hope to attract Filipino workers, even if it’s cold there during winter but you can expect our warmest welcome,” Wasiewska said on Thursday.

Wasiewska noted the Philippines’ huge market which presents a window of opportunities in the ASEAN arena. She said the Polish government wants to increase people-to-people contacts, boost tourism as well as promote exchanges in education and culture with the Philippine government.

“We also want to stimulate economic cooperation. The main export categories are industrial spare parts and food and we import mainly electronic products,” she added.

Wasiewska said there had been Polish investments in the Philippines since 2005 when Salamanca, a resort and tour operator, set up shop in Pamatican, Mindanao.

“Then, a call centre and consulting company was launched by Cinnovation in Manila in 2008. New investments followed in 2014 and 2015 – Information Technology-Business Process Management center by Lingaro, and factory by Grupa Pietrucha in Mariveles,” she said.

She also cited a growing number of Polish brands in the Philippine market like Belvedere, Wedel, Bell Hypoallergenic and Inglot.

Meanwhile, Baltic Container Terminal is the only investment of the Philippines in Gdynia, Northern Poland since 2003.

The diplomatic relations between Philippines and Poland were established on September 22, 1973.

“Currently, we are preparing the full operationalization of the Embassy, getting ready for the visit of our Foreign Minister at the beginning of the 2019,” Wasiewska said.

She said Poland recently reopened its embassy in the country after 24 years of closure. It is situated at the 9th floor of Del Rosario Law Centre in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

The embassies in some countries including the Philippines were shut due to financial constraints, Wasiewska said.#