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New Army chief is set to boost troop morale

Major Gen. Macairog S. Alberto, newly-appointed Philippine Army chief, plans to institute programs intended to boost the morale of soldiers.

“I will also look after the morale and welfare of our troops by supporting our soldiers’ family program, and improving the way we care for our wounded soldiers and surviving family members,” Alberto said in his speech on Monday.

With a reputation of giving premium to the welfare of troops, he committed to enhance the leadership development of all officers and non-commissioned officers to better prepare them for positions of higher responsibility.

“I will continue to pursue capability developments focusing on improving in the areas of doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership, personnel and facilities,” he said.

“I will endeavor to make the Philippine Army a more agile force, one that is prepared and able to meet current and emerging threats,” he added.

Alberto plans to develop the Army’s capabilities as well as organize and train soldiers both in active and reserve units.

Earlier, Lt. Col. Louie Villanueva, Army spokesperson, said Alberto is a well-rounded officer and highly respected leader and commander, having distinguished himself in the field of combat, intelligence and civil military operations.

Villanueva said Alberto is known for his dedication, describing him as a “silent worker” yet a “passionate performer.”

“He always puts his heart in every mission that needs to be accomplished. He is kind-hearted, cool, and always gives premium on the welfare of his men,” Villanueva added.

Alberto, a member of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Class of 1986, replaced Rolando Bautista, a member of PMA Class of 1985, who formally retired Monday.

President Rodrigo Duterte recently announced he is appointing Bautista as the secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development.#