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No leakage from grounded MV Star Liberty

The MV Star Liberty has no leakage after it ran aground some 300 meters away from the shoreline of Barangay 4, San Jose de Buenavista in Antique on Monday, according to the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG).

PCG Antique station commander Perlita Cinco said on Tuesday they have not seen fuel floating on the seawater where the ship is currently stuck.

“As of now, the leakage is not a major concern because the ship is a double hull and used diesel fuel which could easily evaporate,” she said.

The 383 gross ton ship which arrived at the San Jose de Buenavista Port last August 28 had 6,000 liters of diesel fuel then on its tanker when it left Cebu, Cinco said.

“So far we don’t need to lay out oil spill booms because there is yet no leakage,” she said.

Cinco said earlier they have coordinated with the Antique Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Coordinating Office to lend oil spill booms in case of oil leak.

The PCG is waiting for representatives from J. Diamond R. Shipping Inc. that owns the vessel and its insurance company to arrive at the San Jose de Buenavista Port for the initial assessment on the damage of the vessel.

Although there is no leakage from the ship’s engine, she said an underwater survey might be needed to determine the damage.

“The underwater survey is needed to find out the extent of damage on the ship especially now that it has been moved further onto the rocky portion of the sea,” she said, noting the strong waves have pushed the ship.

She added the PCG Antique personnel are ready to assist the salvor once the underwater survey is conducted.

Meanwhile, Cinco said the 22 crew members who have been temporarily sheltered at the barangay hall might stay longer until the ship is salvaged from the area. They are now in safe condition, although some suffered minor bruises after they were ordered to abandon ship by the captain due to the strong waves.

The ship was supposed to transport 20,000 bags of cement for a consignee in Antique when it was hit by strong waves.#