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76 new police inspectors report for duty

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Oscar Albayalde welcomed the youngest members of the PNP Officer Corps who reported for duty starting Friday.

The PNP chief hosted the traditional service lunch and reception ceremony for 76 graduates of the Philippine National Police Academy “MARAGTAS” Class of 2018 who were inducted as Police Commissioned Officers upon graduation last March 23, 2018.

The ceremony was highlighted by the Badge of Honor ceremony for the new police inspectors who were issued their official police badge.

During the same ceremony, the 76 police inspectors also received their salaries for the first month and initial clothing allowance as well as a set of individual equipment consisting of service firearm, handcuffs and service manuals.

On orders of Albayalde, the new police inspectors will undergo the six-month Basic Internal Security Operations Course at the Special Action Force Training School before they will be sent to their new assignments. #