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Pangilinan says govt must rely on support of people, not China

Senator Francis Pangilinan has laughed off reports that China would not allow President Rodrigo Duterte to be ousted from power.

Pangilinan said the government should rely on the support of its people, and not on China or any other foreign government, to ensure a reliable and effective administration.

“Is this the reason why we are willing to enter into loans with China even if the interest rates are 4 to 5 times higher than that of Japan or South Korea?” he asked.

“Is China support for this administration to ensure its iron-clad grip on power? Whose interest is being pursued by depending on China? Is it the nation’s interest or the interest of those in power that is being pushed here?” he continued.

Pangilinan said Filipinos should learn from the lessons of history.

He said Marcos was ousted in 1986 despite the powerful backing of the United States because the people wanted him out for failing to address widespread poverty and abuses in government while enriching himself and his family.

Like the US in 1986, he said China would abandon Duterte = as President if he loses the support of our citizens,”  Pangilinan said.

“For the government to remain effective and relevant and therefore more than capable of handling threats to it, the government should merely address poverty and joblessness and ensure that abuses, corruption, and disregard of our laws are squarely addressed,” Pangilinan said.

The government has “active mechanisms” to discuss the issue of China’s reported militarization of islands in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

Meanwhile,  Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque belied criticisms that the Duterte administration was mum on China’s military installations in the disputed territory.

Roque said Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano informed him that the Philippine government raised the issue during its recent bilateral consultation mechanism with China.

Roque said the government was addressing the issue not only through a diplomatic protest, but through an “open, frank, candid, and frontal discussion” with China. #