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Army holds peace and security advocacy forum

The Philippine Army on Wednesday said it embarked on a peace and security advocacy program which aims to reach out and educate people on the menace of violent extremism vis-à-vis terrorism.

Following the Marawi crisis, the Philippine Army learned a lot of lessons not only in military tactics and procedures but also on the social, cultural and economic aspects that in a way have contributed to the proliferation of terrorism in the country.

During the recent visit in the 3rd Infantry Division’s area of responsibility, the Commanding General, Philippine Army, Lieutenant General Rolando Joselito D. Bautista discussed how to prevent and counter violent extremism to select groups composed of students, members of the academe and the church, local government officials, media and businessmen. Held in Bacolod City and subsequently in Iloilo City, the forum was led by the local government units of both cities and the 3ID through the 303rd and 301st Infantry Brigades.

Bautista said people should take the Marawi incident seriously by understanding the nature of the threat and taking part in the mechanism that will stop the proliferation of terrorism.

Bautista also said although it is inherent to the military to fight the enemy of the state, people should recognize that security is a responsibility shared by everyone.