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Albayalde to crack down on erring cops

The Philippine National Police (PNP) will intensify its crack.down on erring policemen, from those protecting illegal activities down to those committing minor offenses, such as not wearing helmets when riding their service motorcycles.

“This is not just about illegal acts. Even those who are not wearing helmets even the minor offenses will be looked into,” said PNP Chief Director General Oscar Albayalde on Monday.

“The question is if these are simple rules, why can’t our policemen follow it?” Albayalde asked.

Aside from illegal protection rackets on prohibited drugs, transport terminals, and gambling, the PNP chief said he would ask the PNP Intelligence Group to gather more information on rogue cops.

“Why do we require people to wear helmets if we cannot require policemen also to wear them,” Albayalde said.

Albayalde once rode a motorcycle all the way to Baguio City to attend an alumni event of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).

He shrugged off criticism from motorcyclists claiming to be profiled to be flagged down in police checkpoints.

The new PNP chief has justified the strategy, citing reports of motorcycle riding shooters and motorcyclists riding without licenses.

Albayalde replaced Director General Ronald de la Rosa who is now the chief of the Bureau of Prison.

He reminded policemen assigned to more than 2,000 PNP precincts nationwide to always act on a complaint about the lack of gasoline in their stations or an investigator to handle a case, or even a copy of a spot report or blotter.

“If somebody tells us that one complainant came to a station and our policemen told him/her that there is no gasoline, investigator, or chief police, they will be sacked. We promise you that as a way to reform our police on the ground,” Albayalde said.

“What we want is not only the misguided souls but also the attitude change, it’s the culture change. When we give public service, it should be fast and swift,” Albayalde said.

Albayalde also vowed to face the people behind a smear campaign against him in social media.The complainants claimed to represent policemen who are supposedly opposing Albayalde’s appointment as PNP chief. #