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AEDTC : The Flight of Transformation

The Air Education Training and Doctrine Command (AETDC) of the Philippine Air Force plays a crucial role in the military development and serves as a powerful catalyst for change. Formerly the AETC (Air Education Training Command),  AETDC continues to soar by providing quality education and training.

For 65 years, AETDC has achieved gains amid the many challenges that came along the way. It still emerges as an efficient and effective partner of the people in bringing development in the countryside.

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Its role to “educate and train personnel and develop doctrines in support of the PAF mission” plays a crucial role in the military modernization program.


AETDC continues to learn new perspectives, craft innovation of the current manuals, build new doctrines and analyze new ones to improve the quality of education and training of PAF personnel.

Doctrine-based education and training are more valuable and beneficial to the AETDC personnel because they follow specific standards. These standards increase the awareness and knowledge of PAF personnel. They are more organized, efficient, effective and tangible.

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Continuous improvement in the curriculum development capability to have a more responsive education and training system is deemed necessary to the transformation process.

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The doctrines, which form part of PAF personnel’s education and training, have been rigidly scrutinized, analyzed and interpreted carefully by experts which can be the basis for decision making by future administrators, operational and security challenges in the PAF.

Slowly but surely, AETDC will undergo metamorphosis and spread its colorful and modernized wings in the Philippine sky. #


January 11, 2018