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AFP wants citizens to help defeat terrorism

The Armed Forces of the Philippines on Wednesday called on the people to help in fighting and defeating terrorism in their communities.

Col. Edgard Arevalo, the chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ public affairs office,  said that while the AFP was doing everything to contain local terrorism, it would need the full support of the citizenry to succeed.

One way of helping, he said, is to immediately alert the military about the presence of suspicious-looking persons in their neighborhood.

Arevalo said the AFP was still verifying foreign media reports about the entry of more foreign terrorists into the country.

“We cannot discount the possibility of foreign fighters surreptitiously able to enter the country given our vast and porous borders,” he stressed.

Arevalo said the AFP needed the vigilance, cooperation, and active participation of the citizenry who could monitor and report the arrival of new faces in the neighborhood and the country’s borders.

He said such assistance could be strengthened by cooperation from domestic and international agencies.  He cited as an example the recently-signed trilateral joint patrol agreements of the Philippines with Malaysia and Indonesia which aimed to defeat piracy and terrorism in areas of common concern.#