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Embraer to provide Super Tucano aircraft to PH

The Department of National Defense (DND) has signed a P4.96-billion (USD99 million) contract with Embraer Defense and Security, a  Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, to procure the EMB 314 Super Tucano turboprop trainer/light attack aircraft for the use of the Philippine Air Force (PAF).

IHS Jane’s Defence Industry reported that the acquisition features six brand-new close-air support aircraft (CASA) that will support the military’s counter-insurgency operations in the countryside. The aircraft will be delivered to the PAF at the end of 2019.

Other reports said Arsenio Andolong, chief of the DND public affairs office chief, disclosed that a Notice to Proceed for the supply and delivery of the aircraft has been transmitted to and received by Embraer.

“The aircraft that was selected after a rigorous public bidding process that was participated in by several manufacturers from different countries was the Super Tucano A-29, which is compliant with the stringent technical specifications required by the PAF (Philippine Air Force),”  Andolong said.

Embraer secures Super Tucano contract from the Philippines. Photo by the Philippine Navy

The Embraer’s official website described Super Tucano as a single-engine, stepped-tandem, multi-purpose military turboprop capable of delivering both training and operational effectiveness at low acquisition and operating costs.

Said Embraer: “It offers advanced solutions for basic to early advanced and weapons familiarization training, such as in-flight virtual training, and also provides the superb operational characteristics required for successful internal security operation support and counter-insurgency missions.

“The aircraft features two .50” machine guns (200 rounds each) in the wings. Five hard points under the wing and fuselage allow up to 1,500 kg of weapons for most configurations. The aircraft’s inboard stations, as well as its ventral one, are ‘wet’ for external fuel tanks.

“In addition to its two internal machine guns, the Super Tucano can be configured with additional underwing armament, such as two 20mm gun pods or .50” machine guns, thereby significantly increasing its firepower for missions requiring air-to-ground saturation.”#