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Marawi conflict under control, rebuilding begins

The conflict in Marawi is now under control.

This was declared Defense Undersecretary Cardozo Luna who said that the rehabilitation and rebuilding of the city will soon begin.

Speaking at the 7tth General Membership Meeting of Finance Executives Institute of the Philippines (FINEX) on July 10, Luna assured delegates that the government has made the recovery of Marawi City a top priority.

“The President has issued an administrative order mandating the creation of Task Force Bangon Marawi.”, said, Luna who has been named the chairman of the group.

The meeting was attended by finance executives of the country’s top corporations, academic institutions, and small to medium enterprises.

“Bangon Marawi” will take care of organizing and deploying a response team for adversely affected families, the development and implementation of a Marawi rehabilitation and recovery program, construction of shelters, restoration of public utilities, reconstruction of public infrastructure, attending to the basic needs of affected residents, and ensure the maintenance of peace and order,” Luna said.

He also said that President Rodrigo Duterte had authorized a P20- billion budget for the rehabilitation of the city.

He also said a monthly progress report regarding the implementation of the President’s order, including a financial statement, would be submitted to the commander-in-chief.

Concerns have been raised whether the conflict in Marawi and the imposition of martial law would affect the institutional strength and economic growth of the country.

Luna quoted the study of a credit watchdog which noted that “neither appears an immediate concern.”

Luna encouraged the representatives to help the people of Marawi in whatever way they can. “Tulungan nation silang makabangon.” ( Let us help them recover).

He also commended the business executives for their continuous support for the government and businesses nationwide.

“For 49 years, you have been committed to developing the financial knowledge and skills of your members thereby contributing to our nation’s economic prosperity,” Luna said.

He added that foreign assistance is also needed and that support from private organizations and civil society organizations is crucial.