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Defense chief decries fake news, rumor-mongering in war-torn Marawi city


“While the nation continues to suffer from the havoc wrought by the ongoing rebellion in Marawi and atrocities in various parts of Mindanao, some factions obviously have a lot of free time on matters other than helping improve the situation.”

“I question the motives and credibility of certain leftist groups and individuals in coming up with a dubious report that Marawi women residents allegedly fear that they will be raped by soldiers in the ongoing military operations in Marawi City.”

Defense Secretary Fidel Lorenzana decries rumor-mongering in war-torn Marawi city

“Our soldiers have undergone a series of gender sensitivity trainings under our Gender and Development (GAD) program. These trainings focus on participation, empowerment, equity, respect for human rights, freedom from violence, and actualization of fullest human potential not just of soldiers but the communities where these soldiers operate as well.”

“To this day, close to 70 soldiers and policemen have already paid the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of Marawi City and our people, with many more wounded and in need of serious medical attention. 

The groups who made the report have just exposed their obvious ulterior motives – for the government fail in the fight against evil in order to advance whatever selfish reasons they have.”

“The same groups who conveniently forget that their communist-terrorists colleagues continue to loot, murder, rape, and destroy private and public properties in the countryside.”

“I challenge the organizations where the information originated to present their evidence and lodge a complaint before the proper authorities if they can, and not just throw away accusations like they are reading lines from their same old propaganda for almost five
decades now which the Filipino people have grown tired of hearing.”

“Let us open our hearts and listen to the truth instead of resorting to rumor mongering and fake news.”